Aihab International

Leader Direct Botanical Suppliers



Aihab International has dedicated itself to securing the highest quality raw materials.

All our products are tested by independent laboratories.

Aihab provides with each shipment the necessary lab test for the specific batch ordered.

Pre-Shipment quality control is also done to give our customers the assurance that they will receive the quality product they have ordered.

Before each shipment the indepenant quality control company retains samples of the batch ready for export.
After they have retained samples they seal the packaging with a tamperproof seal.
Our customers receive a sealed report which they can verify upon arrival of the product.
This ensures that after packaging is sealed, the products could not be tampered with.
The independant company keeps the samples of the batch at their premises.
If the customer prefers, the independent company can send, by courier, samples of the batch to the client to verify
the quality of the shipment before arrival.
If the customer prefers, the goods will not be shipped until the samples are approved by the customer.

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